Loving Lately, #28

I’m sorry to see the Christmas holidays come to a close, but am happy that I still have a few days off until I return to work. This vacation has been wonderful and very relaxing, and I’m hoping to go into the new year with a fresh perspective.

On a lighter note, here’s a few articles and links that caught my eye:

This article was fascinating: the 2-year-old Instagram influencers who make more than you do.

50 big ideas to watch for 2019.

This stuffed acorn squash recipe looks delicious.

I loved this post on how to have better conversations – specifically, asking better questions and seeking targeted advice.

Considering this wicker trunk for storing extra blankets and pillows in my living room…

Worth watching: Google’s The Year in Search.

These photos of the same island through four different seasons are so gorgeous.

A lesson on grit and commitment.

Excited about Lara Casey’s new podcast!

I’m going to try this new recipe for creamy veggies and noodles on my quest for a “chicken-less” chicken noodle soup.

This post about redesigning a dollhouse was surprisingly fascinating and cute.


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