Loving Lately, #27


Happy week-before-Christmas! I am counting down the minutes until I’m on holiday with my family. I figured I’d stop by with a list of a few things I’ve been loving lately.

A must-make in December: Slow cooker vegetarian lasagna soup.

How to make your iPhone work for you.

A fun video on how things work.

The truth about what is actually in a woman’s purse – too funny!

I am drooling over these cookies & cream brownies.

These literary confessions made me laugh. I’ve been guilty of sitting in my car for an extra 5 minutes to hear a bit more of an audiobook…

A fun idea for a gift: a custom oil painting of your pet. These are so cute!

Some much-needed perspective on loss.

These photos make me want a red winter coat!

The prettiest winter mantel.

My favorite poet.

I recently gifted this bowl for an early Christmas present, and it looks gorgeous sitting on a countertop.

Such a fun idea: how to give a trip as a gift.


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