Loving Lately, #26


Happy (almost) Friday! It’s been awhile. I thought I would jump back in with a huge round-up of everything I’ve been loving lately!

The prettiest simple Advent calendar.

I love this: “Pressure is a choice.”

This video on how spies use disguises was amazing.

A great round-up of easy-to-grow houseplants.

A fun read: what book you should pick up next based on your favorite American Girl doll.

This article on diversity in ballet broadened my perspective.

These sugar cookie bars look delicious!

I am completely obsessed with these rugs!

I love everything Hannah writes, and this post was no different: tips on how to handle tough emotions over the holiday season.

Lusting after this sweater

A few recommendations on how to use empty jars.

Learn how to rest.

This post with Q&As with New York City baristas was super interesting.

A must-make for lunches: a DIY Starbucks protein bistro box.

Three fun group games for the holiday season.

Did you know many puzzles are “cut” with the same designs? I was blown away by these fun mash-ups.


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