Loving Lately, #18

Happy Monday! Three day weekends are the absolute best, particularly during the summer. I’ve spent a lot of time relaxing this weekend, and yet I still feel like I need to catch up on sleep before the work week begins!

I’ve got a great roundup of inspiration and yummy recipes today. Let’s dive in:

A fun and simple dinner idea: eggs & pasta.

This article outlines a great way to respond to difficult moments: “I see you. I’m here to understand and help. I’m on your side. We’ll figure this out together.”

I really want to make this autumn apple farro salad.

An excellent reminder for sharing tough things with the people around you.

If only you could truly see yourself.

Snickerdoodle martinis!

Kelly’s outfit posts are inspiring me to try out a low block heel for work and with jeans…

A great saying: “Don’t let the internet rush you. Nobody is posting their failures.”

Gorgeous hairstyle inspiration: a braided bun with a low velvet bow. So elegant and pretty!

This pumpkin banana bread (with chocolate chips!) looks incredible.

I love this: “Deal with problems in daylight.”

Is this not the cutest gallery wall for a baby’s nursery?!

Have a wonderful week!

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