Loving Lately, #17

Happy Sunday! My weekend has been busy (but fun!) so far, and I am excited to see my family today and maybe get some meal prep in for the week. These last few weeks of August always feel like pure summertime to me.

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

I love Ali’s roundup of great vegetarian dinner recipes. The lemony lentil soup looks amazing!

An amazing statistic: 14% of Americans have changed their view on an issue based on social media.

A fun post on what you collect as souvenirs. I’ve collected coasters from many of my travels, but will probably switch to Christmas tree ornaments someday!

I’ve been hearing about the idea of morning pages (writing 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts right when you wake up) for ages, but have never had the discipline to incorporate it (yet).

20 easy (and inexpensive!) ways to treat yourself.

I loved this post on the challenges of moving to a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s a really important part of the discussion, especially now that these lifestyle shifts are a hot topic.

Do you believe that personality tests are real? This article explains the types of friendships that each types of person on the Myers-Briggs personality test needs.

On the power of language: the difference between saying “my anxiety” and “the anxiety I feel.”

Find two matching shells on the beach, put them together, and they look like “angel wings.” How cute is this idea for little kids on the beach?!

Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week!


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