Loving Lately, #14

Happy Saturday! It has cooled off a bit this weekend, so I’m hoping for lots of family time and a few good books. Some rest and relaxation is much needed!

Here’s some favorite links I found this week. There’s some good ones! Let’s dig in:

I loved these tips for traveling alone. I’m definitely tempted…

These rainbow bookshelves are incredible! I also love the idea of spending a year collecting different types and colors of books.

As someone who regularly deals with strong emotions, this “tough love” letter felt like a (great!) wake-up call.

A challenge: charge your phone in the kitchen, not next to your bed. I can see why this would be helpful and stress-reducing.

This post on how to survive (or know it’s time for) a breakup made me tear up. Similarly, this article on dealing with loss and toxic relationships was great.

I just finished the first four seasons of “Younger,” and it was SO good.

I loved these lessons from a first garden. I’ve been dreaming for years of being able to have my own garden. Someday!

An amazing post on how to support a friend through depression (without losing yourself in the process).

Guacamole… with basil?!

I loved the following quote from this post on being okay (similar to my recent post!): “Okayness has a quality of self-compassion, holding our own hand in the dark. When life turns upside down this means accepting what’s hurting while lightening the load by supporting the parts of your life left standing upright.”

I don’t usually like wallpaper, but this laundry room is gorgeous!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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