Loving Lately, #12

Happy Sunday! This week was a good one. I found time to be outside quite a bit, and finished reading a few books. Can’t beat that!

Here’s a few things that I loved this week:

These caprese quesadillas look incredible (although anything that combines tomato, basil and mozzarella always sounds amazing to me!).

I loved Hannah’s post on how building a stable routine can help with managing mental health.

This is the most gorgeous wedding. Those flowers!

Millennials are demanding that brands associate their products with deeper meaning (charity, a particular lifestyle or diet, an environmental concern, etc.). This article about the impact of that demand on older brands is fascinating.

Have you ever read Refinery 29’s money diaries?

I would love to one day have a Gray Malin print in my house – something like this, this, or this.

These tips on how to avoid digital overwhelm by choosing a “low-information diet” are great. I’ve had a lot of success in this area by deleting email apps from my phone!

An important mental health reminder.

How to read 200 books a year. Talk about an accomplishment!

Four words: Golden Graham dessert bars!

I liked this idea on de-stressing simply by changing the way we tell ourselves stories.

Have a great week!


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