Weekend Links, #18

Happy Monday! Three day weekends are the absolute best, particularly during the summer. I’ve spent a lot of time relaxing this weekend, and yet I still feel like I need to catch up on sleep before the work week begins!

I’ve got a great roundup of inspiration and yummy recipes today. Let’s dive in:

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A Long Weekend in Chicago

I spent three days last weekend visiting the beautiful city of Chicago! I drove to the city with family for the weekend to explore.

I’ve always loved big cities, and Chicago is no exception. It reminds me of New York City in a lot of ways, with the beautiful skyline, bustling sidewalks, heavy traffic, and awesome eating and entertainment scene. Cities like Chicago just feel so vibrant and alive.

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My Home Design Bucket List Items


I’ve had a Pinterest account for years, and have been happily saving outfits, favorite quotations, and home inspiration the whole time.

I was recently scrolling through my account and realized that over the years, a few trends have emerged in terms of the things I love in terms of houses and interior design. I’m entering the stage of my life where the thought of having a home to decorate is much closer than it ever has been, so it’s fun to think about my favorite styles and features to dream of incorporating someday.

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What I Read in July


One of my favorite things about this year’s goal of reading 50 books is how much it has completely reminded me of my deep love for reading. I feel so much more like myself when I am actively engaged in new topics in books, and I love getting to constantly explore different worlds and views points. I keep getting increasingly excited to choose my next read!

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